Draft Black Country Plan

Ended on the 11 October 2021

2 Delivery, Monitoring, and Implementation

(4)BCP Monitoring and Review

14.1 The BCA are committed to ensuring robust monitoring of the implementation of the BCP. The aim is to ensure that the plan is delivered successfully, efficiently and working in partnership with stakeholders.

14.2 Monitoring indicators have been included within each chapter of the BCP to measure the implementation of policies. The indicators will identify trigger points at which it may be appropriate to address any emerging issues.

14.3 The purpose of the monitoring indicators are to:

  • Assess the performance of the plan in delivering the spatial vision and objectives.
  • Identify the need to amend policies or supplementary planning documents.
  • Demonstrate the plan is deliverable in the plan period.

14.4 The BCP has been prepared to be flexible over the plan period and adjust to changes where they arise. These changes may include changes to national policy and guidance, demographic changes and variable economic conditions. There also may be circumstances or unexpected external factors that means certain policies become less effective or out of date. Monitoring the plan is essential in identifying any issues and devising appropriate actions. Such actions might include adjusting the implementation of the policies or undertake a partial or early review of the BCP.

14.5 The BCLAs, in line with national policy, will review the policies in the Plan to assess whether they need updating at least once every five years and the policies will be updated as necessary.


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