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Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 10999

Received: 20/09/2021

Respondent: Ms Rosanne Adams

Representation Summary:

Concern that land is being allocated for housing at Wollaston Farm, due to environmental/ecological reasons and that long term consideration be given to plan making. Brownfield sites should be used first for new development.


Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 16715

Received: 04/10/2021

Respondent: Mr Derek Nicholas

Representation Summary:

Ref: Page 666, Appendix A4-
Alteration to nature conservation designations in Dudley.
Minor reduction to the existing boundaries of the following designated SLINC: Moden Hill

What does this even mean, is it an underhanded way of removing land from designated green belt?

As a local resident I object to the green belt land off Viewfield Crescent being considered for the existing boundaries to be reduced.

The character of the landscape is defined by its position on the urban periphery in that the dominant characteristic is that of a patchwork of small fields, which provide a habitat for several species and communities of species, [redacted].

Previously, Dudley MBC's conservation officer argued that construction on the site would be damaging to nature conservation (application PO3/2061). Development would be harmful in terms of visual impact and would be detrimental to the character, quality and historic integrity of the landscape of the LHA. The proposal conflicts with the National Planning Framework, which places emphasis on enhancing biodiversity. It would harm the openness and the visual amenity of the Green Belt and undermine the maintenance of the SLINC.