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Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 14579

Received: 11/10/2021

Respondent: Lyndon Jones

Representation Summary:

I am writing to object to proposed use of the Fields behind Peak House Farm/Peak House
Road/Wilderness Lane for development.

I moved to the area nearly 30 years ago because of the views from the back of my property across
the Sandwell Valley and the Beacon Way.

I take frequent walks around the area and the ground is riddled with brooks and sodden after only a
slight amount of rain.

My objections are many:

1. Loss of the green belt. We need the trees and hedges to help our carbon footprint.

2. Loss of habitat for wildlife.

3. Insufficient infrastructure to support anymore dwellings in the area.

4. Increased traffic, the A34 struggles with the amount of traffic now without increasing the

5. Damage to historical sites.

6. Loss of views and privacy to all the residents of Peak House Road and Wilderness Lane.

7. Decreasing the available land to absorb rainwater.

8. Please use other brown field sites first.

I appeal to you to protect our Green Belt before it's too late, we will never be able to replace it
no matter what considerations are imposed on the developers.
Please acknowledge receipt of this objection before the deadline.


Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 16842

Received: 26/09/2021

Respondent: Mr Mark Pickering

Number of people: 2

Representation Summary:

Peakhouse Farm
Hi Planners and Council members for the Black Country Plan
The following are our comments about the plan and we attach the requested comments form.
Comments as follows:
Re Submissions to the Black Country Plan, Peak House Farm site
We support your decision not to include HIMORs proposed development in the Draft Black Country plan. HIMOR's proposal is for house building around the Peak House Farm site in Great Barr B43 and we request that protection of this site be honoured and that developers involved be asked to withdraw their plans.
We understand that planning application has been made to include Peak House farm and land in the triangle wetland site bordering Wilderness Lane/ Woodland Grove and Anderson Crescent. These have long been designated as Green Belt and our strong objections to development are in two parts.
Firstly, the proposed development on Peak House farm bordering Wilderness Lane will create many problems and we object to any development here. These problems include:
1. The name Wilderness Lane indicates that it is in fact a “lane” and it is really is narrow. The lane is often clogged with traffic when the Q3 and Grove Vale schools start and finish so much so that red route has been created. More houses feeding into the lane will exacerbate traffic problems.
2. There are only two exits from Wilderness Lane – one to the Grove Lane estate and the Newton Road and the other onto the main Walsall to Birmingham road, both of which are dual carrigeways. The Walsall Road exit leads onto the dual carrigeway that feeds the M6 motorway and there are massive queues at rush hour.
3. Extra house building on Peak House farm site will create enormous traffic problems as cars from new houses try to exit Wilderness Lane.
4. There isn't the infrastructure to support a large housing development. New housing creates a need for schools, doctors, entertainment etc.

5. Any development will have an dramatic effect on wildlife that use the fields, trees and hedgerows.
6. The farmland is part of a “Green Lung” with very old trees and hedgerows that form a break to continuous urbanisation from Walsall to Birmingham.
7. Government policy states the need to develop brown field sites and avoid green field sites such as Peak House Farm.
8. There are ancient hedgerows and a recent archaeoloical survey revealed evidence of a medieval moated farmhouse which needs preserving.

Secondly, the proposed development of the wetland site bordering Wilderness Lane, Woodland Grove and Anderson Crescent. This is a very special environment and is a Site of Local Importance for Nature (SLINC). Our objections to any development here include:
1. This is an ancient wetland site with ancient trees. This is and unusual and important site where trees grow in wetland. Given that government policy is to plant trees, then these existing trees should be preserved.
2. The wildlife in this wetland must be protected. It is a breeding ground for wildlife as people rarely visit the inaccessible site and it is overgrown so that it is a perfect environment for wildlife to thrive.
3. Frogs and newts thrive here and bats live in the trees. The bats fly around at dusk in the summer.
4. Owls roost in the trees and can be heard in the evenings.
5. Lesser spotted and green woodpeckers are attracted to the old trees.
6. Other birds that live here include blackbirds, throstles, tits, robins, wrens, goldcrests, goldfinches, nuthatch, greenfinch, chaffinch, crows, magpies and visits from buzzard and heron.
7. It is a haven for insects, including butterflies and dragonflies.
8. The woods and wetland is home to breeding foxes [redacted] .
Building on this site would be a desecration and against government policy to preserve Green Belt. This area has always been designated as Green Belt to prevent urban sprawl and provide green space for mental and physical health of inhabitants. It is a “green lung” to combat motorway pollution from the M6 nearby and dual carrigeway pollution.
We strongly object to development of the wetlands and the Peak House farm and support your decision not to include these areas in the Black Country Plan.
Your faithfully


Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 22107

Received: 30/09/2021

Respondent: Graham Bragg

Representation Summary:

I write to register my support of Sandwell Council.

Specifically this is in your decision not to include the Peak House Farm/Wilderness Lane site in the Draft Black Country Plan.

Anybody who lives in the area will already be aware of the huge traffic issues around the time the schools finish their day. It is horrendous.

This is quite apart from the environmental and green belt concerns.

I trust you will continue to resist houses being built on the site and that it never becomes a development of any sort.