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Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 16644

Received: 10/10/2021

Respondent: George Lewis

Representation Summary:

My objections relate to 2 areas on the Black Country Plan document areas called 'Former Reedswood Golf Course green space' and ' Reedswood Town Park Highly sensitive green space' See page 499 Fig 19 -Walsall Spatial plan map. Both included for development.
The inclusion of these areas for development piles increased urbanisation into an already highly populated area, it takes away two areas of green space amenity from a highly urbanised and populated area, Due to the high level of air pollution from one of the most used sections of the M6 and the prevailing w/sw winds, the green areas operate as a benefit to the area actually reducing potential pollution levels. The areas roads are already at saturation point at times and no thing in the plans propose to lessen these. Taking away the air quality benefits of these wooded areas will almost certainly increase cancer levels in the area.
The Reedswood Birrchills area is already quite heavily populated and has borne its fair share of development in recent years, and is now being unjustly used to not only bear more development but also at the expense of public open space !
Then there is the ecological damage being done. Both areas are part of a black country wildlife corridor, which was part of an EU initiative, and I believe its development is contrary to P179 of NPPF published July 2021.
There have also been comments that Walsall coucncil refer to the Former Golf Course as a 'Brownfield site' ,so they can justify development;
One. they include the former golf course as part of the park on their own area maps
Two, The area was given to them as a working golf course when it was given to the council as part of the development of the old Walsall Power Station.
Three.The area is now a mixed woodland area since the demise of the golf course and is now of even more ecological benefit.
Finally I can only say Walsall Council is proposing to destry areas it should and must cherish, I can only concude that this is being done with a political motive as other areas which have more space for development are not being touched


Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 17347

Received: 11/10/2021

Respondent: Mrs Tracy Ash

Representation Summary:

[protect open space at Land Rear of Grange Crescent / Shelfield and Grange Crescent]

I would like to object to the proposal to build in the area of Grange Crescent, Shelfield, Walsall. The area is small and provides a lovely space to walk and play for kids. There are lots of established trees and plants for wildlife which would no longer be there if this development went ahead.
The roads around the area are already conjested during peak times. The road in Grange Cres is very narrow and is prone to flooding, the grassed area also gets very wet. More houses would impact on local schools and doctors in the area which are already stretched.
This green space is the only one in the local area and is well established, we need to save our green spaces for the future and the environment for future generations to come.