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Draft Black Country Plan

Representation ID: 15989

Received: 28/09/2021

Respondent: Mr David Beale

Representation Summary:

There are two uncontrolled (Inept and useless local councillors and M.P., local planning department, and Environment Agency in particular) cowboy metal recycling operations WS22 and WS35 operating too near to existing homes (which predate the recycling operations). These sites pollute the atmosphere and produce uncontrolled noise, very few people are employed on these operations but they use massive machines to break the metal up in the open air and when it suits them they burn off the plastic from the metal producing black smoke. This is a major nuisance to hundreds of family homes but nobody does anything about it because its the Black Country after all.

These scrapyards use massive vehicles pounding the life out of the A458 and surrounding roads, which if anyone who actually knew anything about the area got out and about and saw the state of the A458 between Lye and Halesowen it is about time somebody planned to do something about improving this road which has now had improvement plans scrapped, these should be in this plan which as far as I can see looks like a kids University thesis more than a serious plan, just a lot of waffle. I did note that some patching is being done this week in Park Road, about time.